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Darts1 Interview
with Denis Ovens

Which was the best ranking position you ever hold in the PDC Ranking?

In 2001 I was ranked third, for a week!

Some players seem to liven up when they can play on stage and really enjoy that. Is playing on stage something you don´t really like and why?

Oh no, I really love playing on stage. That really feels great. Till now I had no problem with the noisy crowd. But I've got a problem with those bright lights, they are not good for my eyes.

Have you got some kind of favourite tournament?

Well, not really… Perhaps the tournaments in Germany, I always did well there. And of course they've great beer in Germany.

What do you think of the no spectator's policy for the Pro circuit from the PDC, is it really better for the players?

There are still a lot of people around. What I am not so sure about are those huge tournament crowds, somehow the intimacy is lost. I am not sure that is good for the sport.

When did you start to play darts?

That was 1976.

And when did you join the PDC?

I changed to the PDC in 2001. I thought about it at the time of the split, perhaps I should have joined then, might be it would have been better. But around that time I took a break from darts for around six months.

And do you still enjoy playing darts or is it not so fascinating after all those years?

I still love to play, probably most fascinating for me is winning!

Are the players now better than they were when you started to play PDC?

I would say yes, they are. Only look at the averages. I really doubt players like Bristow or the other legends could compete now-a-days with their 80 averages. The players really are a lot better now.

Is it now-a-days somehow more professional, less fun, more job?

Yes, it is certainly like a job. But I've fun nevertheless, I like my job and I like my darts.

What and how much do you practice?

I have to say I don't practice at all, I just don't have enough time. I've my job and three times a week I play league, three different ones, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday is a new one, a 301 League. All in my pub! And perhaps I don't need? This throw of mine did come naturally, just standing there and throwing ….

Denis Ovens Denis Ovens

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