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Darts1 Interview
with Denis Ovens

Did you have any idols in darts when you started playing?

Erik Bristow. I never cared about anybody else, I only had eyes for Bristow!

For me rather astonishing you play Laserdarts, is it the American original you play or the British version?

They are original American Laserdarts. It was in Canada I think two or three years ago somebody from Laserdarts got in contact with me, they do my signature darts now.

Is it a darts specially produced after your ideas or is it a "nomal" Laserdart, some kind of Black Widow?

Itīs my own, I donīt like the Black Widows, all those knurls. I didn't like the material, it was not grippy enough. Now they send me some copper tungsten ones, look at my fingers they are all green.

Denis Ovens Darts

Copper Tungsten?

Yes, it's not so much played by the Pro Darters but by the pub darters it's used frequently.

Are you in demand for exhibitions or is it only the top ten players?

No not really. I would think itīs more the top players. I did a few but only for charity.

Denis Ovens I read you are a big soccer fan, what is your favourite team?

Chelsea, I donīt live too far away, I always was a soccer fan!

Are you interested in all sports or is it especially soccer?

I am very much interested in sports, in most sports, but especially in soccer.

Do your children play darts as well?

Yes, I've two sons 15 and 19. They both play darts. I told them how to do it but we don't practice together. They play league as well. And my wife plays too!

How would you describe yourself, what is your weakness and what your strength?

Look at me, do you see any weakness? Well I would say I've a lot of confidence and I am consistent, perhaps the self-doubt is my weakness.

Denis Ovens

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