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Darts1 Interview
with Russ Bray

Russ Bray, the most famous caller in the sport of darts with his recognisable voice, was available for this exclusive Interview, thanks a lot.

Was maths your favourite subject in school?

One of them ... Sports has always been my favourite.

Would you think it's essential to be good in calculation or will you learn it anyway?

Yes, although a lot of the time you see the score without having to work it out.

How demanding is it to call those matches on stage?

It can be very demanding ... the longest match I called was for 3hours and 47 minutes.

Do you have a favourite tournament?

The World Matchplay at Blackpool.

Is there a difference for you whether you call any old match on stage or a World Champions Final? Are you more nervous for example?

No there is no difference, I don't get nervous now, just look forward to the games.

And is it something special to call a nine darter?

Without a doubt, I have called 3 live nine darters on TV and all are very special.

Are the players totally different to call?

Yes, because they all have different characteristics and ways to take shots out.

Knowing a lot of players and how they play would you say you can foretell often what they will throw?

Yes, that is an important part of being a Referee to know what different ways the players take out their shots.

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