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Darts1 Interview
with Russ Bray

What was your original profession?


Did anybody teach you how to be a caller or did it just happen?

I was a darts player so I knew my numbers, as becoming a Referee it happened by accident.

Did you have to pass some kind of exam?

No, just be liked by your employer Smilie

Do or did you play darts yourself?


Perhaps league?

Super League and County Darts.

And how good are you?

Well not quite as good as the Pro's I call for although I played the circuit for a year in 1991 and made semi finals of both the Canadian and Norweigen Opens and finalist in the Norweigen pairs with Eric Bristow (so not too bad).

Do you ever play against the PDC players?

Yes, many times and with some success.

Russ Bray Darts

There even exist Russ Bray Darts by Unicorn, are those really the darts you play?

Yes, they certainly are the darts I play with.

And do you prefer those pear shaped flights they come with?

Yes, they are the best for me.

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