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Darts1 Interview
with Russ Bray

Do you err often?

Not very often, but have made mistakes before. The main thing is, if you do make a mistake, forget it, and concentrate on not making any more.

Have you got a favourite player?

No, I am fortunate to get on with all the players, so don't really have a favourite.

Was it ever dangerous to stay virtually in the firing line of the players?

No, not at all.

Were you ever hit by a dart?

Only once when the dart bounced out and hit me in the knee.

How did you become a professional caller?

I used to play County darts here in England and one day the Referee never turned up, so I said I would call a few games to help out. After I finished someone said that it was bad, so I became our County caller and then eventually to the professional ranks.

What do you think how many professional callers do exist at all?

There are probably only 2 or 3 full time callers, as the other lads hold down other jobs as well.

Would you say all callers are friends or are you more rivals?

We are all friends, we don't have to compete against each other and all get on really well.

What do you think are the requirements to become a real good and successful caller like you?

To be accurate, confident and mainly enjoy what you do.

Do you think your voice did help you? It's definitely unmistakable, though a lot of people who do hear you for the first time think you are hoarse.

Yes, it has helped me, because it is different from the rest and very recognisable.

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