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with Steve Brown

This year the World Cup is played in the US - what kind of preparation has the ADO to do?

In short, a lot! Venues, sponsorship, volunteers, concessions, banquets, transportation etc.

Is there anything the WDF does for a World Cup or is it all in the hands of the organising country?

The WDF will actually run the event, but the hosting nation has to ensure that they have all the necessary tools to do so.

I've read the UK will not be able to organise the next World Cup because of the financial crisis - how expensive is it to organise it?

I know the kind of expense involved in hosting it here, but I'm sure that changes drastically from nation to nation, depending on the economy, availability of facilities etc.

How many countries will take part?

At the moment, we think probably 35 or 36. Some want to compete, but are having visa problems.

Who for you are the favourites?

England are always the favourites, but on home soil, I think that we could spring a surprise or two. I certainly hope so!

Are you in any way involved in the preparations?

I have been so far, and obviously, my knowledge of such events will come in useful when we get to Charlotte. However, being on the team, I have managed to avoid the menial tasks!

Do you like the double and team competitions as well or do you prefer Singles 501?

I love it all, and I do love being part of a team.

And do you prefer Cricket or 501?

I would have to say cricket. Strategy is a very important part of the game, and having the very analytical mind that I do is a great benefit. Plus, I don't need to hit a double!

This year you for the ninth time have qualified for the Winmau World Masters - how difficult is it for players outside the UK and the Netherlands to qualify for the BDO majors?

As far as the usual national "representatives" in the World Masters, the opportunities are pretty much the same, although the costs for the national governing bodies are much greater. Also, as far as the individual tournament champions who receive the invitations ONLY, the expenses involved are often prohibitive. With the Lakeside World Championship, it's a lot more difficult to get up in the rankings; we simply don't have the amount of ranked events that the Europeans do. Having said that, we in the US are in a better position than we have ever been, with six ranked tournaments. Even though I could have done with a few points in Connecticut last month, there is still a chance for me to get to Lakeside via the rankings.

And how do you qualify? Is it through the ranking or are there special qualifications?

With the World Championship, it's pretty much done through the rankings. There is a qualifying event the day before the Masters, where four or five players will get a spot at Lakeside. There will be a place for the World Masters Champion (should he not already have qualified), and perhaps a couple of "wild cards", but other than that, it's all down to ranking.

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