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with Steve Brown

What is it that fascinates you most in darts?

I don't know if it's fascination, or just pure love and affection! I enjoy the physical action of throwing darts, I thrive on competition, and I love the people.

Are you a dart Pro or have you got another profession as well?

Darts is my job, as it has been for 19 years now.

You've got quite a lot of hobbies - is darts just another hobby or is it more important for you?

As my living, it is far more important, but it is also extremely stressful. I feel that I need some kind of balance, and my hobbies provide a release for me. Honestly, although I've done well in the sport, I know that I could have perhaps done better had I put a little more into it. However, I like to have a life outside of darts, and that keeps me from getting stale. I enjoy playing darts, and want to keep it that way.

Do you still practice?

Certainly not like I used to, and in fact, I rarely pick up a dart between tournaments. When one is playing as much as I do, combined with all the driving, when I get home, I just want to relax.

And what and how much do you practice?

I play a small variety of games, but I always keep the figures. That way, I can set myself goals, and make practice much more competitive. I also spend quite a bit of time practicing without my glasses. My eyes are really bad, so it helps me to trust my mechanics rather than focusing visually.

Do you do something for your fitness?

Okay, I'm overweight, but generally, I take pretty good care of myself. I don't smoke, I don't drink, and I don't eat much junk food. I also try to not short myself on sleep, as getting older has started to take its toll on me.

Do you feel getting older has an influence on your darts?

Getting older influences everything! Although I really don't feel that I am "ancient", I am enjoying my role as one of the more experienced players out there. Some of these youngsters coming through these days scare me - they are so good - but my experience will often see me through against them.

Do you still set yourself goals and want to get better?

My main goal is to keep competing at the top level for as long as I possibly can, and yes, I do want to get better!

Is for you a player like Phil Taylor more a phenomenon or is he only more dedicated, exclusive interested and occupied with darts and works much harder then all other players?

I've never believed that anyone is truly a "natural", and that success - or at least continued success - is largely a result of hard work and dedication. Yes, Phil works hard, but so do many others. You have to remember that no matter what sphere in which you are involved, there will always be some individuals that succeed more than others, and the real key to Phil's success is his confidence.

Do you believe he's right when he thinks the other pro's are too lazy, something Tony Eccles by the way at least for himself did confirm?

In many cases, he is right, but as I said, there will always be those who are better - or worse - than others. There is far more to it than just the quantity of practice. I think it happens in all sports, that some individuals just get comfortable, even complacent, instead of constantly pushing themselves.