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Darts1 interview
with Francisca Hoenselaar

What fascinates you most in darts and what keeps you motivated?

For me it is the challenge playing on stage. You have to fend for yourself, is almost like being naked up there, there are only the board, your opponent and you, you can't hide anywhere.

Is there anything from the other sports you do you could use in darts or does there exist some kind of common ground?

That is difficult to answer. Perhaps that a lot of sports need good hand-eye coordination and fitness?

Would you say all those new practice methods and all the knowledge of sports psychology could be used in the sport of darts as well?

I am very much interested in all this. I read everything I can get about it and very often I feel me confirmed when I read some other sports feel and think like I do. When for example I read Tiger Woods does and thinks the same I do.

Do you do some kind of mental practice?

Well for a tournament I always try to have a strong arm, not tense but to feel the strength in my arm. And I always go for five minutes to the toilet. I've to be alone for a short time and that's the only place were I really can be alone. I need that.

And how do you prepare for a tournament?

I always do a special preparation for a tournament. Especially for the World Championship.

Have you got a sponsor and how difficult is it to find one?

Frances Hoenselaar Darts

It is very hard at the moment to find one in Holland. I still have got data darts

Could you ever earn at least a part of your living with darts?

Yes, I managed that. You see I always had my own business. That's something I am really good with and that helped me in darts as well.

What is your special strength and what your weakness?

That is hard to answer. Perhaps my strength is that I am still around, that I still play on this level and that I still enjoy it? But I've got a kind of arthritis, that means I just can't play when it is cold. It affects my hand.

Have you got any goals for your darting future?

It is important to always have a goal. My short time goals are to prepare good for the World Championship. To defend the title. And my long time goal, that's to play as long as possible on this level.

Frances Hoenselaar Frances Hoenselaar

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