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Trident 180

Trident 180

We got Trident 180 to test directly from the manufacturer, many thanks!

Since the mid 1990s darts are produced by CNC machines. By this you'll get there where later the tip will be fitted into the barrel a plain area from around 3.5 to 4.0 mm. This area, the transition between barrel and point is responsible for most bounce outs and diversions.

Trident CAD

To minimise this the Tridents were developed over nine months with the help of the World Champions Dennis Priestley, Mark Webster and Trina Gulliver.

Till now you can only get them in England for 2.49 British pounds for 12, that would be four sets, and they com either in black or in white. They are not what I first thought made out of some kind of elastic rubber material which would adapt to the point; they are of a hard man-made material. They fit standard points from a diameter from 2.25 to 2.40 mm and they fitted while testing them to each type of points, to short and to long ones.

Trident CAD

On the picture beside (you can enlarge it by clicking on it) you can see a dart without Trident, a dart with Trident to the middle of the point, a dart with a fitting Trident and how the dart with Trident looks after one hour of use.

Testing I did found out that the darts still are diverted but much less then without Trident. The darts go tighter together, you'll get tighter groups. With standard tips and a stronger throw the tridents often touch the wire, you can see that after a while. The man-made material starts to fray and the first positive effect of the Trident is reversed. After one hour of intense playing on a Unicorn Eclipse Pro I had to change the Trident.

For players gripping their darts to stabilize at the points the Tridents probably will be useless.

Result: The Trident 180 for a comparatively low cost help to tighter grouping and to longer lasting flights. I could imagine they'll get as indispensable as the O-Rings for the nylon shafts.

Trident Nahaufnahme Dart Icon Dart Icon Dart Icon Dart Icon Dart Icon of Dart Icon Dart Icon Dart Icon Dart Icon Dart Icon Trident 180, 4.5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings


  • Reducing of diversions
  • Tighter grouping is possible
  • Flights last longer


  • Will not last long with a stronger throw

And here is a small film, which explains how it works. To navigate click on the small pictures.

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