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Darts1 interview
with Michael Rosenauer

What's for you important in darts?

A clear structure, that's something I would like in soft and in steel darts. It would have been better organisations would work together, we would be much farther then we are now. It's not bad for the players, they would have a lot of choice should there be 1000 organisations. But it's bad for the sport of darts with such a lot of organisations.

I for example like the cloth rule at the GDC, it really looks better. Well, it would be even better the officials would keep to it as well. The boss of a bank, were all employees wear suit and tie, should not wear a straw hat and a Hawaii shirt. He should set an example. The DDV started with that at the German Masters. I like it; you could hear a lot of grumbling, as usual when you start something new. It really looks much better!

And for yourself, what is for you important?

Fairness is for me most important. I would throw out drunken and brawling players. They always make problems and a negative image, pub sport and everybody drinking too much. Imagine someone from the press comes in and takes pictures. That shouldn't happen neither in soft nor in steel darts.

For me important are good organised tournaments, of course faults might happen, but you should learn from them.

Only the athlete can make good publicity. But that's not possible if we don't join forces.

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